The Genealogy Page of Jorge Heredia and Heleen Sittig

Alfred Levy


1854 - 1944

  • BIRTH: 1854, Hamburg, Germany
  • DEATH: 1944, Carlisle, England
Family 1 : Bertha van Praag
  1. +Frank Hubert Sandlew Levy

Son of Nathan Levy and Mathilde Porges Edle von Portheim.

Mathilde PORGES EDLE von PORTHEIM (b. 21/05/1828, d. 19/10/1857 Hamburg) + Nathan LEVY Married: 25/8/1852 in Hamburg
Daughter of Leopold Porges Edler von Portheim and Rosalie Drosa.
Granddaughter of of Gabriel Porges Spiro and Esther Kassowitz.
Great-Granddaughter of Lipmann Porges Spiro and Malke.
Great-Great-Granddaughter of Löb Porges Spiro, son of Hirsch Spiro, who was a son of Juda Wiener Porges and Maria.
Source: Peter Rohel and Geni.