The Genealogy Page of Jorge Heredia and Heleen Sittig

Rosario Ross Gutiérrez

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  • BIRTH: Spain
Family 1 : Buenaventura Guillermo Seoane García
  • MARRIAGE: 26 May 1910, Chorrilllos, Lima
  1. +Ana María del Rosario Seoane Ross
  2. +Elsa Adriana Seoane Ross

Name: Buenaventura Guillermo Seoane
Event Type: Marriage Registration
Event Place: Chorrillos, Lima, Lima, Perú
Gender: Male
Marriage Date: 26 May 1910
Father's Name: Guillermo Seoane
Mother's Name: Natalia Garcia de Seoane
Spouse's Name: Rosario Ros
Spouse's Father's Name: Eduardo Ros
Spouse's Mother's Name: Josefa Gutierrez de Ros
Certificate Number: 150
Page: 161
GS Film Number: 1159702 , Digital Folder Number: 004253901 , Image Number: 00167