The Genealogy Page of Jorge Heredia and Heleen Sittig

Manuel Bartolomé Heredia Muro

24 Aug 1897 - 1 Sep 1936

  • OCCUPATION: Textile Merchant
  • BIRTH: 24 Aug 1897, Chiclayo, Peru
  • CHRISTENING: 10 Apr 1898, Santa María de Chiclayo, Peru
  • DEATH: 1 Sep 1936, Chiclayo, Peru
  • BURIAL: Cementerio El Carmen, Chiclayo
Father: Manuel Bartolomé Heredia Pantoja
Mother: Catalina Muro Llanos

Family 1 : Juana Espinal Pozo
  1.  Catalina Heredia Espinal
  2.  Luisa Heredia Espinal
Family 2 : Luz Aurora Calderón Bravo
  1.  Fresia Heredia Calderón
  2. +Manuela Heredia Calderón
  3. +Manuel Ernesto Heredia Calderón
  4. +Augusto Francisco Heredia Calderón
  5. +Maguina Luisa Heredia Calderón
  6. +Divino Nilo Heredia Calderón
  7.  Bertha Victoria Heredia Calderón
Family gathering at Hacienda near Chiclayo, ca. 1930.
Manuel Heredia Muro is the third from left standing in the back row. The goup salutes in APRA, Peruvian political party, style. Click here to see a larger image where you can identify the people in the photograph.

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