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Ralph John Barton


25 Dec 1798 - 14 Jan 1881

  • OCCUPATION: Royal Navy Officer, Admiral
  • BIRTH: 25 Dec 1798, Wigan, Lancashire, England
  • CHRISTENING: 19 Jan 1799, Wigan, Lancashire, England
  • DEATH: 14 Jan 1881, Southport, England
  • BURIAL: Wigan, Lancashire, England
Father: Thomas Barton
Mother: Ann Johnson

Admiral Ralph Barton, ca 1860. From a copy of a photograph
at the Southport Library.
                                             _Ralph Barton _______+
                                            | (1685 - ....) m 1708
                       _Thomas Barton ______|
                      | (.... - 1781) m 1735|
                      |                     |_Alice Rigby ________
                      |                        m 1708             
 _Thomas Barton ______|
| (.... - 1830) m 1789|
|                     |                      _____________________
|                     |                     |                     
|                     |_Margaret Woods _____|
|                       (1715 - ....) m 1735|
|                                           |_____________________
|--Ralph John Barton 
|  (1798 - 1881)
|                                            _____________________
|                                           |                     
|                      _Jervais Johnson ____|
|                     |                     |
|                     |                     |_____________________
|                     |                                           
|_Ann Johnson ________|
  (1762 - 1844) m 1789|
                      |                      _____________________
                      |                     |                     
                      |_Elizabeth __________|

Admiral Barton

Born on Christmas Day, 1798, Admiral Ralph Barton, who died last night at the good old age of 83, was perhaps one of the best known, as was undoubtly one of the most respected inhabitants of Southport. He had been a dweller in our midst for so many years that it seems almost impossible to conceive that prior to his settlement here he had led an active existence and served his country as a naval officer. A reference to the Navy list shows however, that as far back as 1846 he had attained the rank of Captain, and since then he proceeded through the succesive grades of rear vice-admiral to that of a full admiral, his commission to the latter being dated August, 1877.

Born in Wigan, he received his education at Parbold Grammar School, Mr. Wadsworth, whose sister for some years resided in this town, being the master. At about 14 years of age he entered the navy, and though not being called upon to take in any of the great naval engagements saw a considerable amount of active service.

His mother and aunt having at a very early period of its existence settled in Southport, the late Admiral, on his being placed on half-pay, came to reside with them, and speedily made himself popular by the interest he took in all local undertakings. On the occasion of being promoted to the rank of Admiral, the late Mr. Forshaw was instrumental in getting up a dinner to celebrate the event.

One of the first charities with which the deceased associated himself was the Marine Fund, which may be ranked as the oldest philantropic institution in Southport, having been established in 1817. The secretaryship, during that period, has been held by the Rev. T. Docker, the Rev. Jonathan Jackson, and the present Vicar of Christ Church (the Rev. Canon Clarke, D.D.). Up to within a comparatively short period of his death, Admiral Barton attended the meetings of the Fund. As regard the local branch of the Royal Lifeboat Institution, it is almost unnecessary to speak of the deceased extortions. He was for many years the secretary, and not only took a landman's interest on it, but his old nautical proclivities coming to the surface, he exhibited all the ardour of an "old salt" in ensuring the efficiency of the crew.

In every charity connected with the town, Admiral Barton was always to the fore; but it may be specially mentioned that in everything connected with the Christ Church parish he was a most enthusiastic supporter. For a quarter of a century he gave his services as a treasurer to the clothing society, an institution that now numbers depositors whose contributions amount to 150 annually. He was also a member of the Christ Church School Commitee. Admiral Barton was a consistent Churchman, a regular communicant, and almost the last occasion on which he was out from his house, drawn in a bath chair, was to attend service at Christ Church.

Charity to all was one of the distinguished traits of his character. He never spoke ill of anyone, and he was ready to extend the right hand of fellowship to those in distress. A more genial and upright man never lived. In all the relations of life he was thoroughly conscientious, and the town loses in him a man whose place will not easily be filled.

Source: Southport Visiter, Tuesday, January 18, 1881


Navy Record of Ralph Barton

Died: 1881


2 March 1812Entered Navy
8 October 1824Lieutenant
28 June 1838Commander
9 November 1846Captain
5 September 1857Retired Captain
16 September 1864Retired Rear-Admiral
14 June 1871Retired Vice-Admiral
1 August 1877Retired Admiral

Service Sheet Abstract:
28 March 1839: Inspecting-Commander in Coast Guard
2 November 1840: Commander (2nd in charge) in Monarch, commanded by Samuel Chambers, Mediterranean
16 February 1845 to November 1846: Commander (2nd in charge) in Vanguard, commanded by George Wickens Willes, Channel squadron

Source: Peter Davis, Zeist, The Netherlands

Ralph Barton of Southill Cottage Sothport Co. Lancaster. Admiral in the Royal Navy and Honoray Secretary of the Lifeboat Institution of Southport afsd.
Mentioned in his father's will 1827.
Entered Royal Navy 2 March 1812 and retired 1857.
Will dated 13 March 1880 and ( with a codicil 22 December same year) proved 22 February 1881.

Source: Consuelo Barton's annotated family tree.