The Genealogy Page of Jorge Heredia and Heleen Sittig

The Genealogy Page of Jorge Heredia and Heleen Sittig



History is made of manifold histories by Jorge Heredia
A vertiginous idea full of hope by Heleen Sittig


In principle we look for all the ancestors of Rafael and Paz Heredia Sittig. Furthermore we attempt to make the fullest possible genealogy of the descendants of the great-great-grandparents of Jorge Heredia and Heleen Sittig. So far we have not reached even half of this goal and with many gaps. Difficulties in obtaining information may prove in many cases that this is beyond our power. However, in all cases we have recorded information to some extent.

In practical terms the starting point of a genealogy is determined by the arrival of the first ancestor to America or Holland, whatever appropriate to the case.

Whenever known we record the parents in-law of a spouse. Frequently many in-law related persons are linked to others in one or more of our researched families. We document these links as far as we know them, although we don't document the genealogies of these families even if we know them.

Exceptionally we have documented to some extent other families which are not directly related to us but have close ties to the point to be considered sentimental family, or in other cases we suspect there is a link we haven't found yet.

Occasionally we have extended somewhat in-law lines in a family to include some notorious persons of the local politics or culture, which somehow give a sense of closeness or distance of family history to the history of peoples.

A special case is the link with
Máxima Zorreguieta,
which although very real falls beyond these criteria. We have taken it as an example of the twists of life, as how two very normal people descending from the same stem end up in a country far away from where they were born, but one of them gets linked to the highest circles of European nobility nowadays.
Interestingly there is also a far more distant relationship with
Willem Alexander.


If history is made of many versions, on the other hand nothing is what it seems to be. History is one of the many versions of herself. Some of these versions are barely separated from fiction just by some meager documentation, which in turn is liable to interpretation. This genealogy contains for sure many errors and omissions that deserve duly correction. Our future findings will set the pace for newer updates of this site presenting our newest version of history. We have decided to publish this genealogy because we think that even the most sketchy version of history is a starting point to begin understanding each other.

This website is a compilation of data from many different sources. In any case we would have never been able to gather so much information in relatively so little time without the ubiquitous assistance of the internet. We are in debt to the many people whose research we have access through this medium.

The information about the Peruvian branches is partly based on oral testinonies of the elderly relatives still living. Often the lineages are no more that a long list of names interconnected to one another withouth any reference to the time or place where they lived.

Some valuable data have been personally gatheres the
Archivo Arzobispal de Lima,
the archive of the
Beneficencia Pública de Lima,
and the archive of the
Instituto de Estudios Histórico Marítimos del Perú,
the library of the
Instituto Peruano de Investigaciones Genealógicas,
and in a visit to the cemetery
"El Carmen"
in Chiclayo.

We have also gathered and crosschecked information from several databases of Peruvian institutions and public records offices.

We found some very useful data on the Peruvian branch in the websites of
Family Search and
Within the latter it deserves a special mention the page of
Francisco Javier Carbone Montes.
We also thank to
Luis Jean Pierre Lemonnier
for his data on the family Astengo, to
Raúl Antonio Alvistur Trigo
for his punctual data, and
César Augusto Mariátegui Gamero
for his data on the family Mariategui.
The database of
Mercedes Sardá Rospigliosi
has been particularly useful for the ancestors of our family of Arequipa,
and the database of
Edouard Thureau of Boulogne Billancourt,
for data on the family Larco.
We appreciate also the help of
Carlos Alberto Espantoso Neyra
who generously shared valuable historical documents not easily accessible.
The "Diccionario de Familias Arequipeñas" by Alberto Rosas Siles has been a generous source of data to document our family there.
Felipe Voysest Zöllner,
member of the
has provided valuable help to document the Magill family linked to Villacampa, and
Paul Diez Canseco
provided insights on the Fernández Cornejo family of Arequipa.
The data on the Osterling family which is linked to Garcia come from
Jorge P. Osterling Alvarez Calderón
of Virginia.
Information on families Larrabure and Garcia Sayán comes from the
Ximena García Sayán Roca.
For some of the Argentine families we relied to some extent on the databases in GeneaNet
Marcos Juan Belgrano Lagache,
Juan Bautista García Posse
Ernesto Álvarez Uriondo
, and
Estela Julia Martellotta
, ,
and a genealogy of Daniel MacKinlay by
María A. Calvo,
and also the website
Alfonso M. Beccar Varela Ibarguren.
Moreover the data of the genealogy of
Máxima Zorreguieta
have been published by the
Instituto Argentino de Ciencias Genealógicas.

The core for the genealogy of the García is based on two genealogies published in
"Apuntes sobre cien familias establecidas en el Perú: Archivo Luis Lasarte Ferreyros",
Juan Miranda Costa, ed.
The same source has provided in a lesser or greater degree data on many other Peruvian families.
We have corroborated much of their information with the genealogy website of the
Biblioteca Nacional del Perú.
"Descendientes de Luisa Paz Soldán de Moreyra", by
Aurelio Palacios Moreyra and
María Luisa Palacios McBride,
has provided us with data on this branch of the family Villacampa. We thank
María Carmela Rosselló Puga and
Juan José Ballén Palacios, of Lima,
for their kindness in giving us this publication.

The genealogy of the family Ugarte is based on an article by
Alberto Rosas Siles
published in the
Revista del Instituto Peruano de Investigaciones Genealógicas, No.8, December 1955. .
We have been able to corroborate the oldest documented data by Rosas Siles on the website of the
Archivo Eclesiástico de Biskaia.
Eduardo Faig Ugarte of Madrid
introduced us to a branch of the family Ugarte that took a different path than the Peruvian and settled in Uruguay. He also put us on track to locate a valuable expediente in the Archivo Histórico Nacional in Madrid with important information about the family.
After that we have located another expediente in the Archivo de la Casa de Juntas de Gernika that has provided information to extend this genealogy several generations.
Thanks to
Victor Cano
in Mexico we discovered the
"Istoria e bienandanças of fortunes" by Lope Garcia de Salazar,
an impressive medieval text which addresses several families in Vizcaya. In the future it should serve to elucidate some of the earliest ancestors of the family reaching as far as the semi-legendary origin of the Ugarte lineage .
The family Rotaeche which is very early linked to Ugarte in Vizcaya has been documented by data from the website of
Luis Gortázar Rotaeche.
Similarly we have found valuable documents in the
Fichero Bibliográfico Aragonés de la Biblioteca de Aragón
with information about the family Villacampa, which we expect sometime will be linked to the family in Peru.

The development of the genealogy of the Barton family has had the invaluable help of
Jeannie Barton of Sao Paulo and
Cathy Murray of Mount Pleasant.
We also acknoledge the great colaboration of
Rolly Barton of Lima,
with a special mention to the recovery he did an of extensive annotated family tree of
Consuelo Barton Hinojosa,
which most likely was a realization of
Leopoldo Barton Thompson
in the 1940's.
The website of
Jeremy Howat,
British Settlers in Argentina, studies in 19th and 20th century emigration,
has been an amazing source of information about the presence of the Barton and other English families in Buenos Aires.
Also the
"Diccionario de Británicos en Buenos Aires (Primera Época)" by
Maxine Hanon
has provided a substantial amount of data.
Neil Hampshire of
Brits in South America Database
has kindly shared information corroborating some pieces of information.
We owe the link of the family Shoobridge to Barton to
Peter Ryan of Australia, and to
María Renée Rodriguez of Buenos Aires.
Most of the family data of the family Shoobridge comes from the websites of
Gonzalo Shoobridge of Bradford, and
Liz Hardie of Australia.
We also had the friendly assistance of
Diego Shoobridge of Lima,
Carol Shoobridge of Buenos Aires and
Leslie Shoobridge of Santa Fe.
As for the Thompson family which is linked to Barton of Peru, a key contribution has been the enormous work done by
Miguel Turner
which we received thanks to the kind cooperation of
Silvia Turner of Buenos Aires.
We can not forget the friendly contribution of
Tony Pullon of Sao Paulo.
Thanks to the generous help of
Estela Magaldi of Córdoba
we have been able to preserve the visual memory of this branch of the family, especially in the photographic work of
John Cleland;
we have also counted with the assistance of
Mónica Scassa Harari of Barcelona, and
Gladys Greppi Bellocq of Buenos Aires,and
Lucio and Dolores Díaz Greppi of Madrid.
We are also grateful to
Macarena Elkin Moreno of Córdoba,
Rosalie Earnshaw
of Magdalena,
Laura Isingrini
of Buenos Aires, and
Christine Hancock of England,
Vivian Hancock of Denmark,
Mariana Sierra of Barcelona,
Carole Rhoades Hancock,
Marcelo Faletty Mignaberrigaray, and
Juan Pinasco.
A branch of the Faletty family, which is linked to Thompson, has been documented by the website of
Jorge Romero Day of Buenos Aires,
and thanks to the personal contribution of
Estela Faletty Romero Day of Mendoza.
Information on some Irish families in Argentina that are close to the Thompson was found on the website
The data on the Lound family, a branch of the Rowe, have been enriched by the valuable contribution of
Liliana Lound of Gualeguaychú, and
Graciela Pérez in Comodoro Rivadavia.
Graciela Bender Ackerley of Resistencia Chaco
has friendly helped with a branch of the family Towers of Uruguay.

We have been able to improve and expand the data by our own research, and also thanks to the generous help of many family members. Sometimes someone has come with a branch unknown to us, and other times we have been enlightened by a whole new picture of the some part of the family. There has been case in which valuable documents have been shared with us. Whatever the extent of their collaboration all equally deserve our gratitude. First, it is important to note the oral testimonies received from
Inés Ugarte García of Lima,
Chela Heredia Espinal
of Cajamarca,
Manuela Heredia Calderón of Lima,
Azucena Gracey Quintana
, Andrés Quintana Bravo y Héctor Estevez Bravo of Chepén;
Lucas y Enrique Barton Ruiz of Lima;
the late Andrés Ugarte Pierrend of Lima;
and also the personal input of
Anita Castillo Aransaenz
and Pepe Heredia Ugarte of Lima.
We hope to be forgiven if we forget someone in this long list of kind people who helped us:
Alex Hurtado Ugarte of Fort Lauderdale,
Beatriz Ugarte Tizón of Lima,
Frederik Ugarte Mego of Lima,
Lilian Ugarte Silva
of West Palm Beach,
María Teresa Herrera Martin
of Las Vegas,
José Luis Rivero de la Guarda of Miami,
Ralph Gutiérrez del Carpio of Lima,
Rosario Cortez
of Bilbao,
Bob Bordier
of Los Angeles, and
Julio Alba Barton
also of Los Angeles;
Cecilia Vallejos
Delfor Rodríguez Ugarte
María del Carmen Carranza Ugarte of Arequipa,
Miguel Mudbidri Espinosa of Australia;
Jeanette Ugarte Díaz  
Mónica Ugarte Barsesat,
Jorge Astengo Quispe,
Pilar Ramírez Baigorria, and
Marco Villanueva Meyer Rada
of Lima;
Cecilia García Ribeyro
Sonia García Ribeyro,
Pedro Gutiérrez Kardum
Pedro Gutiérrez Yrigoyen,
Cayetana García Yrigoyen and
Fernando Castro Kahn
María Fe García Yrigoyen Caso,
Juan Ricardo Espinoza García Sayán,
Verónica Sarmiento García Yrigoyen,
Juan Enrique Abad Echecopar,
Manuel Piqueras Luna
Raúl García Salazar
, of Lima,
Patricia García Sayán
of Dubai,
Alonso García Miró
of Quito, and
Ana Gonzales García
of Australia;
Esther Yrigoyen Bielich,
Jorge Adrianzén Prato,
Martha Landaburu,
Diego García Bedon,
Enrique Galdos García,
Charly García Llerena,
Claudia Reyes Daneri,
Fernando Ignacio Loret de Mola;
Coco Arnaíz Perales and
Mara Velásquez Lazo de Rainuzzo
Jaime Velando Prieto,
Adolfo Pardo Pacheco of Caracas;
Alvaro Durand Sánchez Aizcorbe,
Jaime Loret de Mola,
Mónica Palacios Denegri,
Carolina Palacios Cisneros,
Beatriz Zuñiga Benavides,
Wendy Slesvig Pinto of Copenaghe,
Federico Javier Palacios Yrivarren,
Noel Garreaud Indacochea
Emiliano Cáceres del Busto of Lima;
David Stenning de Lavalle
of Ica;
Claudia Indacochea Conetta
of Rapallo,
Sandra Indacochea Conetta of Lima, and
Simonetta Carrel Palacios of Orlando.
Marta Wilde of Comodoro Rivadavia,
Willy Wilde Pérez of Salta,
Guillermo Luis Wilde of Buenos Aires,
Oscar Rafael Wilde of Tucumán, and
María Mercedes di Benedetto of Buenos Aires.
Patricia Tagle Barton,
Mónica García Barton,
Ana Teresa Alonso Barton and
Nelly Barton Cantuarias of Lima;
Dora Barton Ugarriza and
Manuel Vizcarra Barton and Lima;
María Augusta Cruz Ponce de León
of St. Paul,
Patricia Ponce de León
of Buenos Aires;
Mariela Barton Gastelumendi
Gustavo Barton Reaño,
Wendy Barton Reaño,
Vanessa Barton Vergani
Patricia Alba Barton
Ricardo Alba Barton
Luis Alberto Morales Macedo San Román,
Alex Alba Sánchez
Laly Barton Tellería,
Denise Barton Castro y
Leopoldo Barton Castro
of Lima and
Jimmy Barton Castro
in Ghana;
and though they are not family, we thank fot the friendly help to:
Christian Fuchs Camprubí,
Micaela Graña Niqvist,
Fernie Fernandini,
Margarita Morey,
Alina Astengo Antón,
Jonatan Saona Reyes, and
Maurice Calmet Williams of Lima,
Jorge Romero Braquehais of Málaga,
Sylvie Lacamoire, of Béarn
Daniel de Narvaez McAllister in Florida for his assistance in clarifying the role of Pedro de Villacampa in the sinking of the Spanish ship Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes,
Javier Barandiarán Krüger of Lima,
Arsenio Dacosta of Salamanca for his kind assistance with information on the family Ugarte in the Middle Ages
Jessica Parodi Miranda,
Enrique A. Stiglich Grieve,
Luis Cabrera Darmont,
Alejandro Morales Bolognesi,
Milo Herztein,
Michelle Prazak,
Alonso Rodríguez Larraín Voto Bernales of Vancouver,
Carmen Rosa Seminario Carrasco of Lima,
Sergio Barandiarán Pagador of Frankfurt am Main,
Clarisa Barúa Raygada of Australia, and
Linda Arnold of Virginia.

The website
Thematis Erfgoed Portaal,
which offers the data of many archives in the Netherlands has been a basic tool for research,
and as a genealogical search motor the website
has been very useful.
There is and increasing number of local archives offering new search tools their own available on the Internet and also some private groups that provide comprehensive information on a local place. Here follows some sites worth mentioning:

Regionaal Historisch Centrum Alkmaar
Archief Almelo
Gemeentearchief Eemland
Joden in Amersfoort en Arnhem
Historisch Centrum Het Markiezenhof
Brabants Historisch Informatie Centrum
Stadsarchief Breda
Gemeentearchief Delft
Stadsarchief 's-Hertogenbosch
Haags Gemeentearchief
Burgelijke Stand Den Helder
Drents Archief
Regionaal Historisch Centrum Eindhoven
Fries Historisch en Letterkundig Centrum
Groninger Archiefnet
Historie Joods Groningen - Database begraafplaats
Noord-Hollands Archief Haarlem
Huwelijken Den Haag 1853-1882/1913-1932
Hattem Streekarchief
Bevolkingsregister van Hengelo
Historisch Centrum Leeuwarden
Regionaal Archief Leiden
Noord-Hollandsche Huwelijken
Streekarchivariaat Noordwest-Veluwe
Gemeentearchief Roosendaal
Gemeentearchief Rotterdam
Regionaal Historisch Centrum Tilburg
Het Utrechts Archief
Stadsarchief Vlaardingen
Regionaal Archief West-Brabant
Streekarchief Bommelerwaard:
Zeeuws Archief
Genealogie Zuidoost-Utrecht

As invaluable resources we consider the websites of the
Center for Research on Dutch Jewry - Dutch Jewish Genealogical Data Base
, or Akevoth,
which hosts huge databases containing all kind of information on the subject,
and the site of the
Digital Monument to the Jewish Community in the Netherlands,
with information about Dutch Jews killed during World War II.
For certain parts of the family we have personally conducted research in the
Stadsarchief Amsterdam and in
Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie
in The Hague.
Also the wealth of information provided by
Levie Kanes
occasionally also the data of
Ben Noach
and more often that of
Max van Dam,
the three of them in Israel,
sometimes they have put us on track to confirm information or to join loose ends, and other times they have outlined whole branches in some families.

For the genealogy of the Beem family we have started with the data that
Louis Beem
gave us in the last years of his long life. If Louis had lived a few years longer he would have loved hearing that his family originated in Elburg in the mid 18th century. The personal and generous collaboration of
Benno Stoppelman of Graft-De Rijp, of
Fred Anhalt
of Ankeveen, of
Leo Beem
of Amsterdam, of
Jeannine Autier
of París, and of
Rosine and Christine Price of Morenci
Fred Anhalt in Ankeveen of
deserve a special mention, and also that of
Peggy Hirschhaut,
Marijke Beem,
Harold, Simone and Hans Beem.
For Beem family have been particularly useful the websites of
Streekarchivariaat Noordwest-Veluwe and
Regionaal Archief West-Brabant .
Rob Mayer and Nechamah Hirsch Mayer of Arnhem
have published records of burials in the cemetery Moskowa that have served us in several cases.
We has also found some information to corroborate some facts about the families Cracau and De Lange in the website of
Reinier and Dirkje Bobbe,
and on information about the family Vecht the website
Stichting Families Vegt en Van der Vegt
has been an excellent reference.
From the website of
Cor Lutter
we got a few details of the family Hovenkamp, and from
J. de Vries
some information on the family Bromet. Also the website of
Meint H. Tempel of Groningen
has helped us in the the understanding of the family Stoppelman.
Winnie van Hasselt
kindly gave us some details on the family Leverpoll.
And on the website
Gustav Beck of Gwynedd,
we found a branch of the family Beem that traversing the vicissitudes of 20th century history settled safely in Colombia.

To our dear uncle
Hugo (Ehud) Stibbe (1922-2007)
we owe the introduction to the genealogy of the family Stibbe many years ago when he gave us a few texts written in what was then a modern typewriter. Although now we handle many more data, what we do in a way is to continue what he did and also a kind of tribute to him and many others before him.
To a large extent the genealogies of the families Stibbe and Gokkes are based on the website of
David de la Penha of Amsterdam
corroborated with that of
Zvi Silver of London,
who also has extended the English and Irish branches.
Little by little we are crosschecking this large genealogy with primary sources, correcting and adding data.
Data on one of tht English branches of this family is corroborated by the website
Yossi Beck of Israel,
we thank him for his help and advice on matters relating to genealogy.
About the same English branch is in the pages of
Lynn Lewis, also of Israel; we have found in another of his sites useful data on a few Sephardic families related to us.
We have also revised the "Geslachtsregister der familie Stibbe, a publication by
D.W. Stibbe,, Amsterdam, 1912, and keep looking for older genealogies mentioned there.
Erik Stibbe of Purmerend
generously provided us several documents that enrich our understanding of the family.
Rob van Geuns of Best
kindly shared reserch on his family, Van Geuns, which includes the family Van Adelsbergen, both related to ours at various points.
Katrina and Jenny Cowen of Australia
have shared several documents on the descendants of
Theresa Greenberg
and her photographic studio, Mendelssohn & Co. in Melbourne.
Several members and friends of the family have enriched this genealogy, including
Angela Stuart-Findlay of South Africa
Tony Lewis in Massachusetts
Michael Stibbe of The Hague,
Marianne Berends-Baum in Florida,
Laura Jarvis of London,
David Jack Stibbe of Canada,
Enrique Kahn of Buenos Aires,
Els Kraaijeveld of Zwijndrecht,
Paul Shannon of Utrecht,
Jean-Michel Lehmans
of Switzerland,
Matthew Stibbe of London,
Sarah Stibbe,
Arthur Stibbe
Eldad Coppens
Jean Lehmans of France,
Herman Meerloo of Köln,
Sue Boller,
Shai Panasoff,
David Stibbe of Leeuwarden and
Eduard Mesritz of Bronkhorst,
they helped us with corrections and additions on their branches of the family Stibbe.
From the database
Michael Mooney
come some data of the families Winkel, Poons and Mooney, related to Stibbe;
The related family Lelijveld is also documented in the website of
H.J.Michiel Wijers of Eindhoven.
Rob van het Groenewoud of Amsterdam
provides on his website extensive information that adds on to our knowledge through other sources of the family Schuschan/Soesan, from which the Stibbe family is in fact a branch, while the Soesans retained the original name. In this site there is plenty of other information on several families from Amsterdam that has been helpful in our research.
Talia Coppens,
through her database in
offers a whole branch of the family Anholt directly linked to Stibbe.
Albert van Dorssen and Tan Lont
helped us with information about the family Stibbe in Wieringen .
Eric Freedman
gave us data on
Sara Frumer.
From the website of
Henri Cornelis Manson
comes some information about the family Manson linked to Stibbe.
Likewise in the
page of
Joop Walvis
we have found a genealogy of the family Walvis, related to Soesan.
Claus Hirsch of New York,
brought us to a branch of the family Soesam that took the surname Goudstikker.
Michèle van Veldhoven
on her website collects information from various sources on the descendants of
David Schuschan,
and have served us particularly for data relating to her branch of the family.

In the website of
Anton G.M. Heijmerikx of Lathen
we have found useful information on the family Godschalk.
Some additional data come from
Wendy Harreman-Schlosser
of Ridderkerk and
Willem Huberts
of Nijmegen.
In the webpage of
Nicky Huisman of Geesteren
We found data on the family connection of the family Bargeboer with Stibbe and also with Beem.
Some data about the family Gokkes was found in the website of
Ton Wortel.
To Petr Rohel of Canada
we owe clarifications on the link of the family Proehl with Stibbe, and to
Andrew R Van Praagh of Australia details on the family Van Praagh.
From the website of  
Wim Vleeshhouwer
come some data about the family Vleeschhouwer.
In the website of
Wim Muller
we have found the descendants of Barend Isaac Slier and Trijntje Samuels, and in
Gershon Lehrer's
some members of the family Van Straten.
In the website of
Ron van der Horst of Chicago / Boca Ratón
we have found information on several families, including Stodel, Engers, Van Zuiden and Muller.
Alfons van Santen of Bornerbroek
has information on the families Lievendag and Schaap of Borne.
Jeff Marx of Santa Monica
has a website with extensive con amplia information on the family Hiegentlich.
In the website of
Benno Schulenberg
we have found data on several genealogies of Coevorden; and in
Jan de Bruijne's
on the families Levie, De Levie, De Bruijne and others. Vries-Coltof and J. de Vries
have data on the families De Jong(h), Bromet, Kolthoff, Colt(h)of, Van Dijk, and others;
Rogier Foijer
has data on the families Foijer and Frank of Maastricht, and others.
Maurice Mol of Capelle aan den IJssel
documents the family Mol.
Patrick Mostyn and Marion Jacobs
have interesting information on the families Gans, Jessurun, Swaab, and others.
Gertie van Lienen-Visser and Ineke Smit of Almere,
offer an extensive collection of data from the Civil Records in several toens in the province of Noord-Holland.
Sonja van der Veen-Cohen
has data on the families Rosenbaum, Strauss, and others.
There is a website with no author mentioned with data on families of
The website of
J.R. Nienhuis of Weesp
has extensive information on the family Spier, and in
Han van Raam's
on the family Witteboon; 
Herman Prins
in turn documents the family Van Gelderen.
Maaike van Arend
documents the families Van den Arend, Drielsma, and others of the Jewish community of Middelburg, while
Henk A. Muntjewerff of Breda
dies the families Van Embden, and Levi of Schiedam.
In the website of
Dordtenaren (schapekoppen) en hun voorouders
we have found extensive information on genealogy and history of the de Dordrecht region, including the Jewish community.
We consider as a important way to undesrtand our own family to discern the family
Van Straten
of Alblasserdam, Ridderkerk and Rotterdam.
Hans van Straten
has fully documented thr family Van Straten of Bolsward.
In the website of
Stichting van Meer
we have found data on the family Van Meer of Lith.
Marjolein, Iris and Rinke Wijngaarden
have documented the families Wijngaarden and Waterman
In the database of
Lica Buddelmeijer
we have found useful data on Dutch Jewish families.
On the websites of
Vereniging Oud Vriezenveen, of
Bas de Vries, of
H. Herman Wind of Wachtum, of
J.H. Berends,
Remco Wallig,
Bert Haveman,
and in the database of
Klaas Jansen,
some additional and useful data.

Adri C Vooren
has been kindly sharing with us a lot of information found in the archive of Den Bosch on the family van Leeuwen and other related families.
Gerdie Griese
has helped us with the family Buitenkant,
Ad van Meer
with Van Meer,
Hanny van Hoorn
with Balkenende,
Anja de Kadt
with De Kadt,
D.J.A. de Bock
with De Bock,
Emma Driessen of Wassenaar
with Van Leeuwen, and
Véronique Basset
with Seijffers.
Aubrey Jacobus
has friendly helped us to search data in the UK.
In a similar spirit several persons have helped us with additional data:
Kitty Mertz,
Andre Emanuel Wijzenbeek of Eindhoven,
Inge van den Thillart, who helped us with a brach of the family Van Leeuwen,
Joe Vomberg en Canada, who helped us with information on the family Vomberg,
Christiaan Lehman Swart,
Frank JW Smit of Amstelveen,
Paul Beek,
Ies de Leeuw,
Robert Wijnmaalen,
Lorraine Wijzenbeek of Melbourne,
John Stephany, and
Jeff Morgan en Florida.

Some additional data have been found in the website of
W. Brassé
of Sittard and also his
Jewish Genealogy Database of the Sittard area, and of
John de Goede
of Capelle aan den Ijssel.
The website of
Tom Verwaijen of Engelen
has been very useful, particularly with families of Gouda, like Sanders and Cats.
Alvine Keesing

we pwe the data on one branch of the family Keesing, and to
Evelien van Ruitenbeek
data on several families, including Ziekenoppaser and Van de Kar..

In order to build the genealogy of the family van Straten the work published by the
Historische Vereniging Herwijnen "Den Ouden Dijk" and by
Fred Wijburg,
have been very helpful in tracing a wide outline of the early beginnings of this family Gameren y Herwijnen in wich we have followed inserting more information gathered in archives.
Bert van Straten
Mirjam Bouwman of Bussum,
have made a significant contribution to this genealogy, and the friendly assistance and advice of
Jits van Straten of Bennekom,
have been very valuable.
In order to develop the branch of this family in Oosterhout the website of the
Regionaal Archief Tilburg

has been particularly useful, and also some data of
Leo Verhulst
of Hoogvliet.
Jeff Nyveen of Arlington
has filled a whole Canadian branch of this family.
Some additional data of
Willem Helder,
Ber Hommelberg
of Houten,
Thomas Hoornstra of Peins,and
Richard van Schaik
have also been useful.

In building the genealogy of the family Stofkoper we have use some data of
Frans J.M. Agterbosch of Hengelo,
Robbert Baruch of Rotterdam,
Andre Both
of Gent,
Lydia Hoogland,
Casey Abrahamse
Guus Boden
Adrie Tokkie

Finally, the genealogy of the Sittig family of Prague has been recorded by
Ernst Sittig

in a visit of cemeteries in the Czech Republic.
It was widely enriched by the oral testimony of
Hans Sittig
The contribution of
Christine Walter

in London, especially as regards the English branch of the family, deserves a special mention..
Peter Lowe of Hertford,
Susan Lieberman and Tom Reiner of New York, and
Barbara Barrett of Los Angeles,
also helped us with some data.
More recently we have been able to gather some information in the databases of the Národni Archiv in Prague and in the Prager Tagblatt.

(Text translated from Spanish)


History is made of manifold histories by Jorge Heredia
A vertiginous idea full of hope by Heleen Sittig