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John Thompson


1784 - 5 Aug 1851

  • OCCUPATION: Farmer, Shepherd
  • RESIDENCE: ABT 1815, Argentina
  • BIRTH: 1784, Freston, Suffolk, England
  • DEATH: 5 Aug 1851, Magdalena, Buenos Aires
Father: John Thompson
Mother: Susan Marsh

Family 1 : Segovia
  • MARRIAGE: ABT 1808, England
  1.  George Thompson
Family 2 : Martha Brocksopp
  • MARRIAGE: 30 Aug 1820, HMS Owen Glendower, off the coast of Buenos Aires, Argentina
  1.  John Julián Thompson
  2. +Dominga Susannah Thompson
  3. +Ignacio Henry Thompson
  4. +Norberta Martha Thompson
  5. +Galo Lott Thompson
Family 3 : Phoebe Rowe
  • MARRIAGE: 23 Dec 1836, St Andrew's Scotch Presbyterian Church, Buenos Aires
  1. +Phoebe Thompson
  2.  Edward Thompson
  3. +Helen Thompson
  4.  William Thompson
  5. +Anastasia Francisca Augusta del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús Thompson
  6.  Stillborn Thompson
  7.  Stillborn Thompson
                      |  |
                      |  |__
 _John Thompson ______|
|                     |
|                     |   __
|                     |  |  
|                     |__|
|                        |
|                        |__
|--John Thompson 
|  (1784 - 1851)
|                         __
|                        |  
|                      __|
|                     |  |
|                     |  |__
|                     |     
|_Susan Marsh ________|
                      |   __
                      |  |  

John Thompson arrived in Buenos Aires in August 1818 with his son George. While there are many clues about his whereabouts, none is completely unequivocal. He was certainly a widower of a Spanish woman whose last name seems to have been Segovia, but irrefutable proof has yet to surface.

In Argentina he started as a labourer at Monte Grande, the land of James Barton. There he worked with the sisters Hanna and Martha Brocksopp. In 1820 he married Martha Brocksopp. Since in those times there were no protestant services, they were married by the chaplain of a Royal Navy vessel off the coast of Buenos Aires.

About 1822 the Thompson family moved to Los Remedios, land of the family Ezeiza, nearby Cañuelas, where they all worked the land. Martha Brocksopp dies in 1831. According to Hanna Brocksopp, John Thompson abandoned his children and therefore she raised them, until they were taken back violently, they were then introduced to their stepmother.

John Thompson married for the third time in 1936 to Phoebe Rowe, who had been previously married to the late James Towers and who was the mother of Arthur James Towers. They went to live in Magdalena. After so many years of hard work John Thompson was able to buy the ranch Cinco Alamos where he lived and worked until his death in 1851. The ranch was inherited by his son Ignacio Henry Thompson.

Source: Maxine Hanon, Diccionario de Británicos en Buenos Aires.


John Thompson was born in Southwold, Suffolk, and later moved to Southwalk, London, England. From there he came to Buenos Aires, Argentina, and went to work in Los Remedios, where he met and married Martha Brocksopp. John later became a widower and then married Phoebe Rowe.

On 29th Aug. 1837 he bought 5 Alamos within the district of Magdalena, Provincia de Buenos Aires. He eventually moved with his wife and the daughters of this marriage, plus Ignacio Henrique from his previous marriage with Martha, to Magdalena. He left a testament, dated 12 june 1851.

December 23 1845, Unlucky day, tenth wedding year, got severely reprimanded by my wife Phoebe before breakfast owing to the meat getting burnt, her daughter (not mine) having left it, to get some milk and I unfortunately being in the cook house did not mind it.

Juan Thompson (Tomson), 6 extranjeros, as figured in the Censo of the year of 1836.

Source: Miguel Turner Archive